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Lundberg Design

The design for Slanted Door San Ramon is a coalescence of three ideas –

  1. A response to Renzo Piano’s plan.  Our space is one of the two glass boxes that visually “end” the plan of the Piazza.  So on the one hand we had the challenge (and opportunity) to design in a space that is transparent on all sides.  Restaurants usually hide a lot of program, but in this case we celebrated it. We also wanted to emphasize the transparency from the piazza side, so we used materials with a lot of tonal contrast (blacks and whites) to draw one’s eye without resorting to color, which we felt would have been less in keeping with Piano’s overall pallet.

  2. Celebrate the kitchen; make it the center both functionally and visually.  If we need to expose everything then lets really express it. It is the theater, the hearth, the reason for being there.

  3. Limit the materials. Glass, steel, and plaster are all the bones, the structure.  Then use oak and Carrera marble to contrast and celebrate the warmth and beauty of the gift that Nature provides us, in design and in food.  The charred wood cladding is just our little nod to Charles’ love of live fire cooking. 

our story


november 1995

Charles Phan and family opened The Slanted Door, a 49-seat restaurant,  at its first location in the Mission district. With his innovative approach, The Slanted Door was one of the first Vietnamese restaurants that stood out from other Vietnamese restaurants because of its modern design, open kitchen, small menu,  riesling driven wine list categorized by flavor and body, and high quality teas served by the pot.

The restaurant was nationally recognized within a few months after opening. The space became too small.  The building was in need of a renovation to accommodate more customers. As a result, Charles moved The Slanted Door to a temporary space in South of Market in 2002. Two years later, The Slanted Door found a new home at the Ferry Building and has been there since 2004.

With many requests to open The Slanted Door in different cities, we always look for the right moment to expand.  Charles was drawn to the City Center Bishop Ranch due to the vision of the project and Renzo Piano’s design with a welcoming open space for community.  

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